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With over 40 years of valve refurbishment experience throughout North America, Professional Valve Service has the expertise that you look for in a service partner. We recognize the high cost of valve replacement, and more importantly the economics of valve refurbishment and repairs.

Located in the heart of Canada’s “Chemical Valley” in Sarnia Ontario, we provide a complete valve repair service. Professional Valve Service currently assists the needs of chemical, rubber, gas, and steam generating plants, paper and steel mills.

Our highly trained valve technicians supervise and provide a complete repair and overhaul service, covering all brands of gate, globe, plug, check, ball, control, pressure reducing, safety relief, and teflon lined valves. We have developed a vast array of fixtures for the repair and testing of industrial valves. From our 1" gate valve seat-resurfacing machine, to our 56" seat and gate resurfacing machine, we have the equipment and experience required to complete the job required.

Valves serviced and maintained on a regular basis by our specially designed grinding, testing and lubrication equipment; can benefit from extended valve life of three to five times.