Professional Valve Service - the complete shop and mobile valve repair service.



Gate, Globe and Check Valves

  • Complete refurbishment up to and including 56" 
  • Trim change 
  • End connection modification 
  • Fabrication of the following outside lever and weight, bypass or drain piping, handwheel extensions, chain wheel additions, addition of manual or powered actuation. 
  • Live load packing installation 
  • Manufacturing of parts including obsolete parts 
  • Authorized Repair Facility for Velan Valves 
  • Authorized installation and sales agent of Garlock Packings 

Ball Valves (Metal and Soft Seated)

  • Complete refurbishment 
  • Rebuilding and machining balls up to and including 36" o.d. 
  • Special coatings on balls such as Tungsten Carbide and Hard Chrom 
  • Lapping of Ball and Seats for metal seated valves 
  • Electro polishing of balls

Control Valves and Regulators

  • Complete refurbishment 
  • Addition of new era controllers 
  • Trim change including packing 
  • Weld repair and machining to intricate valve bodies 
  • Manufacture of obsolete parts 

Safety and Relief Valves

  • Complete refurbishment under the VR and TSSA PRV programs 
  • Machining of required components 
  • Steam, air and liquid testing Section 1 and Section 8 
  • Designated Repair Center for Farris Engineering Relief Valves 
  • Mobile Repair Facility